Steaks Basic Crash Shorts

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These padded compression shorts will protect your hip bones, the sides of your hips (not removable) and your tailbone (removable) with low profile impact material. The tailbone protection is almost invisible, but it’s there – hidden inside! You can remove the tailbone padding or increase the protection by adding an extra pad yourself. This makes sense if you have injured your tailbone before or are recovering from an injury. Our crotch gusset makes irritating seams a thing of the past and, combined with a high-rise fit at the back, guarantees maximum comfort. The wide waistband effectively supports the waist area and allows easy adjustment.

Protected areas

  • tailbone (removable)
  • hip bones
  • hip sides


  • Midi length (20 cm / 7.9 inch in size M, measured from crotch)

Additional Padding information

  • Hip Bones: for the sporty spaghetti that suffers from bruises on pointy hip bones
  • Hip Side: for those typical skater falls to the side - on the track, in the park, on the ice or on the slope
  • Tailbone: you know what this one is good for: a typical spot skaters tend to fall on.