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S1 Lifer Visor Gen 2 White Gloss

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This is S1 Lifer Helmet W/ Visor Gen 2. This is the second edition of this product and has been completely redesigned from the original version. Each helmet will come with a carrying bag, mounting hardware, a micro fiber cloth and three top pads in varying thickness's to affect how deep or shallow you want the helmet to sit on your head.

S1 Lifer Helmet w/ Visor Specs

Helmet Certifications:

ASTM 1492 Certified for Multiple Low Force Impacts

CPSC 1203 Certified for Single High Impacts

EN 1078 Certified (European Impact Certification)

Visor Specs:

High Impact Polycarbonate to Prevent Shattering on Impact

Optically Correct Lens

Anti-Fog Coating on inside of Visor to help prevent fogging

Anti-Scratch Coating on the Outside of the Visor to help prevent minor scratches and nicks

Patented "Cover Catcher" to allow for Multiple Helmet Covers to be worn with easy on off

In Mold Mounting Hardware so that the Visor can be Removed and Replaced if Needed

Patent # 62/375.861