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Moto Ceramic Pearls Bearings

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Moto Ceramic Pearls are the ultimate in ceramic skate bearings. The advantages of Moto Ceramic Pearls over other ceramic bearings are achieved by using the finest ceramic balls that are rounder, harder, smoother, lighter and more durable. The ceramic also reduces friction, improves power transfer and increases bearing longevity. As with all Moto Bearings our 'Ti-Nite' races and shields are optimized for very low friction and maximum protection against dirt. Moto Ceramic Pearls...nothing even comes close. Moto Bearings feature the industry's first and only 'pre-spun' skate bearings, which means there is no break in period. Moto bearings skate just as fast on the first day as they would on the twenty-first day. This automated 'pre-spinning' ensures the quality, balance, and integrity of the bearings. Moto Bearings are lightly oiled and are packaged, sealed, and shipped in a reusable aluminum tube that will keep the bearings clean, lubricated, and damage proof. Moto's aluminum tubes will not soak up the oil and lubrication unlike the normal cardboard packaging that typical bearings come in. Cardboard packing can leave the bearings dry, brittle, and susceptible to damage under skating loads and heat created by high rpm's.