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Mota HYBRID 62X41 ROLL - 4 Pack

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From the founders of Atom Wheels, Mota Skates Brings you the next level of Hybrid. Not only for beginners but designed and formulated with all levels in mind.

Mota Skates is aware of the worldwide demand for performance hybrid wheels. We_ÌÔ?ve designed a specific core_ÌÔ?larger in size with raised interlock. The HybridsÌÇ_newly-improved urethane not only provides for better performance and control, increases speedÌÇ_and we made it lighter too!

Mota Hybrid does everything you expect from a hybrid but you won_ÌÔ?t even know that you_ÌÔ?re using a hybrid.

Sold as sets of 8 each: $60 per set


Grip 59X39

Grip 62X41

Roll 59X39

Roll 62X41