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Mota Black Magic Savage - Toxic Roll

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Unleashing the all new Savage boot:  Redefining how quad boots are designed, manufactured, fit, function and perform at the most elite level of skating – all for $149!  In this case price is NOT perception. You are about to experience performance, fit and comfort that compares to nothing regardless of price!!!

This is not a subtle change or minor tweak in technology, its transformative!

It’s a larger-than-life shift in control, performance, comfort and is only available in the Savage boot.

  • Flex-Fit follows your foot with flexibility and comfort
  • Anatomical foot shape (LAST), following our Mojo Carbon and Hybrid models
  • Ergonomically shaped footbed incorporated into the design
  • Lightweight (Size 8 353 g.)
  • Superior fit
  • Superior durability
  • Rigid Soles
  • Microsoft upper that comfortably wraps your foot and has great durability
  • Mounting reference marks on bottom (exact locations for Mota Boss plates, center line off-set for easy side to side placement/s, marks in back for easy front to back placement/s)