Voldeloxx - Garden State Roller Girls

Voldeloxx is a stone-cold Slytherin that has perfected the art of laughing diabolically with a friendly smile on her face. Her daily routines include bathing in the blood of her enemies (forcibly taken), drinking her enemies' tears, throwing shade, and a somewhat regular yoga practice.
A friend from grad school sent our young antagonist an email back in 2010 stating she was joining roller derby, to which Voldeloxx responded, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS BUT I'M IN!" Because she has never familiarized herself with the concept of restraint, Volde contacted Doom Hilda of Jerzey Derby Brigade and enlisted immediately. The next three years were spent learning the roller derby ropes, blowing up facebook feeds with teammates, and wearing butt capes. Don't ask. It was a different time. 

Like most major life decisions, Volde spent an inordinate amount of time overthinking and came to the conclusion that much as she loved her JDB family, she wanted to try out for Garden State's Ironbound Maidens. It was at GSR that Voldeloxx really came into herself as a jammer, forcing her way through walls and hockey stopping up a storm. When she is not on the track you can most likely find her being extra AF. 
Photo Credit: David Dyte