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  • Bessie #34 - Buxmont

    I was first introduced into the Roller Derby world thanks to the movie Whip it and "decided" to join after a friend basically forced me to go.

    I stayed after I realized just how fun it is to play. The challenge of getting through the pack without dying constantly gives me something to strive for and finding new and creative ways to get through has kept me on my toes (literally). I live for every and any Open Scrimmage I can find.

    Currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and living my best cow life.

  • B. Scherz #35 - Quadfathers

    How long have you been playing?
    This is my 7th season but I have been skating on ice since I was a kid.

    How did you get into derby?
    My brother was one of the original members of the Quadfathers. He had been skating for a bit and coaching the local girls team. I honestly didn't really know what roller derby was and went and checked out a game in 2012 and have been hooked since then.

    Any advice for people just starting up?
    Skate as often as you can. The faster you can concentrate on the game and not the act of skating the better off you will be.

    What is your funniest derby memory?

    What is one thing you would change about derby?
    Derby has been good to me. I wouldn't change anything.

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    Ask Google

  • Bomber


    I have always been a sports enthusiast throughout life. Soccer, rolling skating, skate boarding, softball, basketball, ice skating, the list goes on. Roughly 10 years ago, derby entered my life and immediately became my sport of choice.

    Throughout these years I've had the pleasure of skating with teams throughout the US, participating in the various rulesets such as USARS, MADE RDCL, WFTDA and MRDA. I have also begun to explore more park and speed skating.

    Through my travels I've had the opportunity to skate competitively at national and world level competitions, recently returning from Barcelona, as team captain/skater, winning gold.

    My journey continues in the skating world, including a new found love for dance skating. Preperation is under way for the future 2021 world games, quickly approaching.

  • Punky #247 - TBD

    Going on her 11th season, Punky skated 7 years of coed junior roller derby & was a member of Team USA jrs. After aging out, she was captain of MRDA team Race City Rebels ranked 19 for 2 years, & skated in 3 MRDA Playoffs.

    Punky will be making her debut in the WFTDA this 2020 season.

    When she isnt playing roller derby she’s shredding at the local skatepark.

  • Schramm #69 - Flour City

    I've been skating since i was 6. Roller Derby was not a thing for most of my life but when i heard there was a MRDA team forming in Rochester, NY I knew I needed to check it out. I joined the Flour City Fear on February 7th 2016 and I never looked back. Since joining in 2016 I have gone on to not only play but coach, announce, and ref. I dont half ass things much and this is no exception. I've been league President for 4 years now and love working to grow the sport.

    I look forward to the 2020 season starting as it is going to be a great year. I cant wait to grow as a team member and see what the Fear the can do!

    Many thanks to 808 Rollerskate for believing in me!

  • Schuler #58 - Philadelphia Hooligans

    Hi! I’m Ryan Schuler. I started skating early in life at the local roller rink on weekends and playing street hockey in the neighborhood I grew up in outside of Philly. Since then, lots of life has happened. Fast forward to 2014 and BAM- Roller derby happened.

    I was introduced to the sport when a family member started playing for a local league. Leagues are always recruiting and I was easily convinced to train as a ref since I was already a skilled skater. I dove head first into the sport and tried to soak up as much of it as humanly possible. I traveled to surrounding leagues and tried to work as many games as I could. Eventually, I found my way to Penn Jersey Roller Derby and realized that Men’s derby was something I could sink my teeth into. It was both the rise and fall of my officiating career. I was happy to end my officiating career on a high note at the 2016 MRDA champs in Texas.

    In 2016 I was able to focus on derby as a skater even though I had only seen this sport through the lens of an official. I began skating with the Philadelphia Hooligans, found a league I love, and never looked back. I’ve been skating primarily as a blocker and pivot, but can jam in a pinch. My roles on and off the track have expanded as I am the current captain of our MRDA charter as well as assisting with skater development. I like to keep a cool mental game, especially when I’m coaching our leagues WFTDA team, the Penn Jersey She Devils. I’m proud to be so integrated in a league with both men and women’s derby - even a banked track. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself and for my team. With the help of 808 I can rest assured that I will have what I need to be a competitive and safe athlete.