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BomberIt all started when my close friend from college introduced me to Roller Derby. It was love a first sight.

I’ve been skating for about six years. I started with a WFTDA team called the Rocktown Rollers in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  From there I transferred to a MADE team called NOVA Roller Derby in Leesburg, Virginia.  NOVA was significantly closer than the 4 hour round trip to the Rocktown Rollers which is why I made the transfer.  I skated with NOVA for about 2 years before I moved back to New York.  

Once in New York, I began to skate for the BC Rollers in Binghamton, New York.  BCR plays WFTDA rules but with the help of the head coach Holly Beveridge (Toxic Beveridge) we brought MADE to the BC Rollers.  I’ve been skating for this league ever since.

I have had the amazing opportunity to play for leagues all over the Northeast including the Lunachicks, Empire State, Derailing Darlings, and Ladies Death and Derby Society.  I have played several rule sets including WFTDA, MADE and RDCL.  I continue to travel on a regular basis to skate for teams and various mixer games.  The furthest distance being about 5 hours away, soon to be the West Coast.  

I am extremely focused on advancing my skills on a daily basis and am currently crossing my fingers for a spot on team USA.

I’ve got endless love for this sport and everyone involved in derby.